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The Three Graces - 2018

The Three Graces is a dance performance about the rediscovery of femininity, in which we question the classical ideal of beauty. We look at how the sensual, almost surreal portrayal of women in Baroque paintings relates to the broad concept of being a woman in current society.

In the dance performance The Three Graces we will take you back in time, seductive like nymphs from a painting, to the Baroque and Renaissance. Works from Raphael, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Rubens will be embodied, lived, danced and voiced.

Duration: 30 minutes
3 performers

Concept and performance: CHORONOS
Composition: Jochem Braat
Music: Angelo Berardi, Josquin de Prez, Henry Purcell, 50 Cent
Advice: Roos van Berkel
Video: Matija Pekić

Theaterkrant - Carolien Verduijn

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