The collective

Chronos is a collective consisting of five young dance artists. As classmates at the Amsterdam School of the Arts we have been working together on different projects and realized that we share many artistic and personal views. In our fourth and final year we founded the collective Chronos and got support from Dansmakers Amsterdam to make our first steps as independent artists. We created the side programme for the Moving Futures Festival in 2015 and performed our first short piece 'MoreLess' in the salon of the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam. After we all graduated in 2016 we decided to continue these collaborations and keep developing our own vision.
We make dance pieces that are physical, theatrical and poetic. The body is our instrument for expression, but our aim is to transmit a topic, a concept, a feeling or a message. We like to work with subjects that everyone can relate to. It should leave an aftertaste and reach the unconscious understanding of the audience. We stand for making pieces that are critical towards society and that enlarge aspects of our community that we wish were more present.

Vera Goetzee

Vera Goetzee

Vera Goetzee comes from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
She works as a freelancer in Amsterdam.

Vera worked in different dance- and performance projects with for example Liat Waysbort, Giulio D’Anna, Niels Wijer and Heather Ware.

In dance performance Vera finds it important that there is a fundamental connection in the work with issues in society that strike her.  She particularly likes work that feels honest and real.

Charlotte Mathiessen

Charlotte Matthiessen comes from Zürich, Switzerland.
She is currently based in Amsterdam where she works as a freelancer.

After her graduation she has worked as a dancer with Jen Wren / Slanjayvah Danza, Michael Wälti, Jakop Ahlbom / ICKamsterdam and Niels Wijer.

Charlotte likes to see dance as a place for ongoing change and development. She is interested in creating a shared experience through physical expression.

Coralie Merle

Coralie Merle comes from Lausanne, Switzerland.
She is currently based in Zürich where she works as a freelancer.

After graduating she decided to come back to Switzerland. She worked as a dancer with Company Linga, Jaqueline Pasanisi, Company Da Motus and as a assistant choreographer for Tabea Martin. 

Coralie is interested in collaborating with people of diverse backgrounds, who practice different art forms. In performances, her interest is in sharing the present moment with the audience. She stands for the idea that work is made to create relationships between the performers and the spectators; this relation is essential to her. 


Pascal Sangl

Pascal Sangl comes from Mannheim, Germany.
He works both in Netherlands and Germany as a freelance dancer.

Pascal has worked with Galit Shabi / Liat Waysbort, Katherien Broug and Nicole Beutler. Plus, he has trained with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch as an intern.

Currently, Pascal dances for Jesus de Vega / ICKamsterdam.

His own work is very visual and aesthetic. Mostly it comments on aspects of human interactions within society. Pascal is especially interested in film as a medium.

Sarah Soethoudt

Sarah Soethoudt comes from Venlo, The Netherlands.
She works as a freelance dancer in the Netherlands.

She has worked with Chris de Feyter, Marie Goeminne, Simone Forti and Nicole Beutler.

To Sarah, dance and performance are a means of communication. They serve as an essential medium to provoke, speak to and move an audience in ways nothing else can. The body and context of the work speaks, where the meaning of plain words end.

Foundation Chronos

Our Board:
Angela Linssen (president)
Daisy Benz (treasurer)
Leonie Baars (secretary)
Heather Ware
Riccardo Guratti
João Pinho

The foundation's aim is to enrich the dutch and international cultural sector by creating dance pieces and organizing activities in the field of dance.

Our foundation has the ANBI status.

Statuary name: Stichting Chronos
RSIN: 858623572

Spechtstraat 41
1021 VT Amsterdam
IBAN: NL44 SNSB 0706 1293 93

Compansation policy:
The stichting is not allowed to pay a fee to board members of the stichting.
The board members get reimbursed for costs they made in their function as a board member.