The Three Graces - 2018

In 'The Three Graces' three dancers will take you back in time, seductive like nymphs from a painting, to the Baroque and Renaissance. The dancers transform into images like those created in paintings, centuries ago. Works from Raphael, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Rubens will be embodied, lived, danced and voiced. During the piece movement, music and text melt together to shape a new interpretation of those art works.

Past Performances:
04-05-2018 First Friday's Dance at Café Belcampo, Amstedam
29-04-2018 Première at the Dokzaal, Amsterdam
31-05 till 08-06-2018 Delft Fringe Festival, Delft
04-07-2018 Tanz im Delta Festival, Mannheim
14-07-2018 Julidans, Amsterdam
23-08-2018 Showman's Fair, Utrecht
26-08-2018 Uitmarkt Fringe Festival, Amsterdam

Composition: Jochem Braat
Music: Angelo Berardi, Josquin de Prez, Henry Purcell, 50 Cent
Advice: Roos van Berkel
Video: Matija Pekić

The Simple Past - 2017

The Simple Past is a performance based on the idea of nostalgia. We research what we feel is missing in our current society and what has changed for the better. During the piece, we take a plunge into the past; our own as well as the past of the world. Translated to what’s on stage, this results in an easily accessible, light performance that leaves a warm feeling in your chest.

Past Performances:
11-01-2018 at Grenswerk (full piece)
24-08-2017 at the Stijlparade Festival in Bergeijk (excerpt)
03-05-2017 at Dok6 Theatre in Panningen (excerpt)
30-03-2017 première at the Maaspoort in Venlo

Music: Jochem Braat & Stan Verberkt
Video: Francesca Bardaro

MoreLess - 2015

'MoreLess' is a short dance piece created for the Moving Futures Festival Amsterdam in 2015. We chose the topic of time as a starting point for all the acts we created for the festival. In 'MoreLess' we look at how repetition and suspense can create a theatrical impact. A smile held slightly too long, a movement done just a few times too often give the piece its absurd and mechanic touch.

Past Performances:
29-04-2018 at Dokzaal during premiere of The Three Graces
14-12-2017 at Sungevity Amsterdam (commercial purposes)
12-11-2017 at Dansmakers Amsterdam (commercial purposes)
24-08-2017 at the Stijlparade Festival in Bergeijk (long version)
24-06-2017 at Dansmakers Amsterdam as part of You Better Move ♯1
07-04-2017 at Dansmakers Amsterdam (commercial purposes)
13-12-2016 at Theatre De Mus in Amsterdam
27-11-2015 at Dansmakers Amsterdam (commercial purposes)
15-11-2015 at Dansmakers Amsterdam
12-11-2015 première at the Salon of the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Music: Adam Beyer & UNKLE

Pop-Up Performances - 2015

With the Pop-up performances we wanted to bring dance literally into people's life and perform in places where dance is not usually seen. We developed the concept for the Central Station performance and collaborated with other dancers to be a bigger group. In 2017 we got asked to teach the concept to students from the Amsterdam School of the Arts to do the same act again.

Past Performances:
November 12th - 15th 2015 at Amsterdam Central Station and on the Ferry
February 2nd - 4th 2017 at Amsterdam Central Station (performed by students)

Time's Passed - 2015

This video installation is one of the contributions we, Chronos, did to the Moving Futures Festival in 2015. In this installation we wanted to explore other aspects with the notion of time. We were interested in how we could change the viewers' perspective on duration and speed.

Duration: 10 minutes played in a loop

Past Screenings:
14/15-11-2015 at Dansmakers Amsterdam during Moving Futures Festival